About Us

We are a group of Christian believers who take the Bible seriously. We love singing Christian songs, contemporary as well as old favorites.

Find Us

The Stanthorpe Presbyterian Church is located in the heart of Stanthorpe, Queensland, at 14 Leslie Parade just down the road from the Information Center. You can Find Stanthorpe Presbyterian Church using the map.

What We Believe

You may be interested in what we believe, the basis of what we teach at the Stanthorpe Presbyterian Church. We take the Bible seriously. We affirm that “The Bible is our only rule for faith and practice,” and by this we mean that we hold the Bible, God’s Holy Word, to be our ultimate guide for what we believe and what we do (our faith and practice). Go to this page to Read about what we believe.

 Our History

The Stanthorpe Presbyterian Church has had a presence in the town for over 100 years. Read a Short History of the church.