Summary of Church Service, Events, and Programs

Several functions, including services, meetings, and other events, are organised and held by the church. Please be aware that some functions may have time and location changes which will be noted in the additional information pages.

See the FAQ's if you have any general questions about these functions, or if you would like to attend and would like to know more before attending.

Sunday Morning Service

Stanthorpe Presbyterian Church holds a 'Church for All Ages' service each Sunday at 9:00am.

Please see Sunday Morning Service for more details.

Regular Church Events and Programs

The church organises and holds meetings and events at the times and places noted in the information pages. All are welcome to these functions and we would be pleased to have you attend.

Please see Regular Church Events and Programs for more details.

Supported Events

The church supports events and functions that are organised and operated by other groups. While these functions are listed on this site, we do not control the dates, times, or locations where these functions are held.

Please see Supported Events for more details.

Special Events

The church occasionally holds special events at which everyone is welcome. These special events may occur at any time but more likely around Easter and Christmas. The events include garage sales, cake sales, lamington sales, Christmas fair, and special church services.

Please check the Special Events page for details.


You may have some questions. Here are some Frequently asked questions and concerns.